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At first, I just opened a web hosting to try out a Visual Builder, but at the same time
I was preparing my arrival in Canada… So, this website was born.

Does this make you curious?

If I had to define my profile as simply as possible,
I would say that my main characteristics are



Analyzing, organizing & synthesizing are things I enjoy doing


A distinctive way of thinking, an expressiveness in different forms and in several arts


A thirst for knowledge in most areas related to science, technology & arts

Computer & Software skills

Here are the main tools I’ve been using daily for many years in a professional context, for everything related to photography, video, music, graphic design, project management and coordination, website creation and management.

  • Windows / Mac OS
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Reason Studios
  • Asana / Trello
  • Microsoft Office
  • Active Collab
  • Wordpress
  • Sendinblue / Pardot
  • HTML / CSS

Curious about my work?

For reasons of confidentiality towards my former employers and clients and also because it would be complex to give you enough to judge my work without going into details of briefs, client requirements and other factors, you will find only four professional projects and some personal works.

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